INTERESTED IN: the idea of home, global souls, fluid identities, wanderers, the lost, the found. WRITES ABOUT: things that aren’t there. PAYS ATTENTION TO: Colombia and its underreported war. LIVED IN: Cambodia, Spain, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Switzerland. SPEAKS: a few languages. ENJOYS: gonzo experiences. LIKE IN: the emerald mines of Muzo, the Cambodia-Lao border, Zig-Zag Dragon National Park, 50 feet underwater by the wreck of the Hirokawa Maru. FORM: long, literary, reported narrative. READ: Nicolas Bouvier, Patrick Leigh Fermor, V.S. Naipaul. MODE: the outsider’s perspective.

My work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atavist, Virginia Quarterly Review, Salon.com, Tablet, Outside, The Walrus, Boston Review, the Christian Science Monitor, and others.

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